As a seasoned world traveller, I still often find myself in a completely new country where I am unsure whether it is correct etiquette to tip or not to tip.

To make things even more confusing, in certain countries you are expected to tip only particular services and not others.

Then there is the further compounding problem of wondering just how much to leave as a tip.

Different countries have different percentage practices. It can be an anxious feeling wondering whether that tip you gave the waiter was a cheap insult or not.

I have encountered this experience all too often in my travels around the world. It is not a great feeling to spend an entire holiday wondering about something as mundane as tipping.

You should instead be thinking about absolutely nothing at all while sunbathing by the poolside.

To avoid any more awkward situations I created DO YOU TIP©.

This website serves as a compendium of accurate, up to date gratuity tipping knowledge.