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Do you tip in ARGENTINA?

While tipping is not seen as “mandatory” in Argentina, it is still something that is commonly done by travellers.

If you feel as though a particular service was performed well, offering a tip will not be seen as rude or a sign of bad manners in Argentina.  However, whether you leave a tip in Argentina will also vary according to the service.

So, do you need to tip in Argentina?
The answer is technically no, however it is still something that travellers to Argentina do on occasion.

Follow the guidelines below to avoid any awkward situations.













Tip Etiquette In Argentina Explained

Tipping at Restaurants in Argentina

Argentina has a well-earned reputation for its great cuisine and the Argentinians genuine love for food is reflected in that.

Argentines usually eat a lighter breakfast than most travellers from the west may be accustomed to.

Lunch is typically the biggest meal of the day in Argentina. This means travellers should be aware that dinner is sometimes served much later in the evening.

Food in Argentina consists of many varieties of meat-centric dishes. Pasta and pizza restaurants are also popular.

Argentina is best known for its steak and wine, something which travellers should definitely try while in the country.

For most travellers to Argentina eating out in restaurants and food, in general, will be a lot less expensive than what they are used to.

A steak and wine pairing is one of the greatest culinary delights you will find in Argentina. In most western countries this type of meal would usually be an expensive indulgence, however, in Argentina it is extremely affordable.

But before you cut into your steak and sip your wine it is best to know whether you need to tip your restaurant waiter in Argentina.
Read on to find out.

Do you tip at Restaurants in Argentina?

Tipping at restaurants in Argentina is not a mandatory custom, however, it is still something that a lot of travellers choose to do.

Tips are greatly appreciated and a small tip of 10% is enough for great service.

If you encounter exceptional service feel free to leave more than 10%, but just remember that tipping is not mandatory in restaurants.

Be sure to tip your waiter or waitress directly to ensure that they do end up receiving your tip.

Do you tip at Bars in Argentina?

It is not considered a mandatory custom to tip at bars in Argentina.

However, many travellers still choose to leave a small tip at bars in Argentina to show their appreciation.

If you do choose to tip, 1 to 5 Pesos is a decent amount and will be greatly appreciated.

Tipping at Hotels in Argentina

Argentina has a wide range of different accommodation types to suit all budgets.

For those staying in the capital Buenos Aires, luxurious options include the Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, Alvear Palace Hotel and Hilton Buenos Aires.

If you are looking for a comfortable hotel in Buenos Aries that won’t break the budget then the Bristol Hotel de Buenos Aires is a great choice.

Do you tip at Hotels in Argentina?

While tipping in Argentina is mostly optional, tipping hotel staff is something that a lot of travellers choose to do.

For tipping at hotels in Argentina, a general rule of thumb to follow is to tip 1 to 5 Pesos.

You can give the doorman or porter/bellhop 1 Peso per bag.

Leave the maid a few Pesos every day after each housekeeping. This will also ensure your room is serviced over and above.

Tipping Taxis in Argentina

Getting around in Argentina is relatively inexpensive due to the low cost of taxis as well as share-riding services such as Uber.

A lot of first-time travellers to a country like Argentina feel uncomfortable using public transport. Further to this using public transport can be a hassle if you are travelling with a large amount of luggage.

Using the convenience of taxi and share-ride services in Argentina can also be the difference between making or missing tight flight schedules.

So it goes without saying that if you are planning on taking a taxi in Argentina, then it is important to get up to speed on whether you will need to tip your taxi driver or not.

Do you tip Taxi Drivers in Argentina?

You do not need to tip taxi drivers in Argentina.

Many travellers choose to leave any leftover change for their driver, however, this is not a mandatory custom in Argentina.

If your taxi driver delivers over and above service, such as helping to carry bags or giving excellent local sightseeing suggestions, then you may want to leave a small tip. In this case, a couple of Pesos is an acceptable amount.

Is there Uber in Argentina?

Yes, Uber is available in Argentina.

As an alternative to taxi services, Uber is one of the best transport options available to tourists and expats in Argentina. It is a super convenient and stress-free way to explore and navigate Argentina and its capital Buenos Aries.

Uber is readily available in Argentinas main cities and throughout the whole country. It operates 24/7 and holds a high standard of safety. You’ll find comfortable cars and bikes with an extra emphasis on cleanliness and sanitation.

Uber in Argentina is used by both locals and travellers.

As a frequent world traveller, I like to use ride-share services such as Uber as much as possible.

If you have never used Uber before, you can download the Uber app to use on your phone from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. 

Do you tip Uber Drivers in Argentina?

No, you do not need to tip your Uber driver in Argentina.

In the exact same way that tipping a taxi driver is not required in Argentina, travellers also do not need to tip Uber drivers either.

Tipping Tour Guides in Argentina

Tours are a fantastic way to get out and see all that Argentina has to offer.

Tour guides can help travellers discover aspects of a country that might otherwise be inaccessible without their knowledgeable guidance and expertise.

Day tours from Buenos Aires include the Gaucho Day Trip to Santa Susana Ranch. This tour is perfect for those with an interest in horse riding.

Longer tours of Argentina are also available, including a 34-day country-wide tour that allows travellers to discover the entire country.

Do you tip Tour Guides in Argentina?

If you go on a paid tour in Argentina it is generally good etiquette to tip around 10 to 20% to your tour guide.

If the tour that you are on is free then a small tip of a few Pesos is sufficient. 

Tipping at Spas in Argentina

Argentina has a lot of great spa and massage options.

From high-end spa resorts through to day spas, travellers will find exactly what they need to relax after a day of exploring.

Travellers should be sure to make an appointment beforehand and arrive about 20 minutes early.

Do you tip Massage Therapists in Argentina?

At spas in Argentina, it is good etiquette to tip your massage therapist 20%.

Massages and spa treatments are less expensive in Argentina compared to most western countries.

Spa workers and Masseuses usually earn more money off tips than their base wages. So it is a great idea to tip, especially if your massage was especially relaxing.

However, if you are not pleased with your massage then there is no harm in not leaving a tip.