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Do you tip in AUSTRIA?

You do need to tip in Austria. Tipping is a common occurrence by travellers in Austria and is mainly carried out in Restaurants and to Taxi Drivers. 

However, do be aware that the amount that you tip will be less than what you may be used to if you are coming from the USA.

Tourism and Hospitality workers in Austria make a decent income and do not need to depend as much on gratuities to support themselves, however, tipping is always accepted and appreciated. 

Make sure to look out for a service charge which is sometimes added to the end of the bill in Austria.

So, do you need to tip in Austria? The answer is yes, tipping is required in Austria.













Tip Etiquette In Austria Explained

Tipping at Restaurants in Austria

If you are travelling to Austria, then it is important to get an idea of the type of food you will be eating while you’re there.

Unsurprisingly Austrian cuisine shares a lot in common with the food of its neighbours, Germany and Hungary.

Some of the most famous Austrian dishes include.

  • Wienerschnitzel – A thin piece of meat, crumbed and fried. Usually served with potato salad and a slice of lemon to squeeze over it.

  • Apfelstrudel – Otherwise known as Apple Strudel, this is possibly the most famous dish in all of Austria. A delectable pastry layered with sliced apples and then powdered with cinnamon. 

Most of Austria’s must-try dishes can be found commonly throughout the country. 

Some great restaurant recommendations for travellers to Austria include Restaurant Steirereck, Fabios, Walter Bauer and Silvio Nickol.

Do you tip at Restaurants in Austria?

Yes, travellers to Austria do need to leave a tip in restaurants. It will be expected by the restaurant staff at the end of your meal.

A general rule of thumb is to leave a tip of around 5% in restaurants in Austria.

Something to keep in mind is that a lot of the time there is a service charge added to the bill (around 13%). Despite this service charge, in Austria, it is still expected of you to leave the 5% tip on top of this service charge.

At the end of your meal give the tip directly to your waiter, make sure you don’t leave the money sitting on the table.

The above also applies to dining in cafes in Austria.

Tipping at Bars in Austria

In general, beer and wine are the most popular alcoholic drinks in Austria.

Austrian locals usually choose to drink in bars, pubs and clubs. Most drinking establishments open around 10 am and close at 4 am.

Something unique to Austria is the Schanigärten. This is a type of “beer garden” which usually begins popping up throughout Austrian cities in the summer. In Vienna alone there are over 3,500 Schanigärten in the summertime, attracting both locals and tourists.

Vineyard tours are popular in Austria and there are wine tastings that travellers can experience to sample the finest Austrian wines.

Just like Germany, Austria is famous for and plays host to numerous drinking festivals throughout the year.

Because of this Austria is a must-visit destination for beer lovers. Beer festivals in Austria include Wiener BierfestOttakringer Bierfest, and Altausseer Kiritåg-Bierzelt.

Wine festivals include Vienna Wine Fest and Vievinum Hofburg.

Do you tip at Bars in Austria?

Tipping is expected at bars in Austria. A recommended amount to tip is either 5% of your final bar bill or 1 or 2 Euros per drink.

Tipping at Hotels in Austria

Travellers to Austria will find a varied range of hotels and accommodation to suit their budget needs.

In the capital Vienna, high-end options include Palais Coburg, Hotel Imperial, Palais Hansen Kempinski and The Ritz-Carlton.

The Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna is a fantastic option for those looking for a comfortable hotel in Vienna that won’t eat too much into the budget. 

Do you tip at Hotels in Austria?

Travellers to Austria are generally expected to tip at hotels.

As a rule of thumb, leave the porter/bellhop around 1 to 2 Euros per bag and the housekeeper/maid 1 to 2 Euros per night.

To ensure the housekeeper actually receives your tip, make sure to leave your money on the bed. 

Tipping Taxis in Austria

Taxis as well as rideshare services are a great way to explore all of the great sites that Austria has to offer.

Taxis in Austria are dependable and relatively cheap by Western standards.

Rideshare services and taxis are easily found all over Vienna.

Ordering a taxi in Austria is as simple as calling Taxi 40100 or 60160 Taxi. Most common credit and debit cards are accepted however it is always a good idea to check with the driver before you begin your trip.

If you are planning a trip to Austria, then it is important to know whether you will need to tip your taxi driver or not.

Do you tip Taxi Drivers in Austria?

Yes, travellers to Austria are expected to tip 10% to their taxi driver.

You may want to leave a larger tip, for instance, if your taxi driver gives exceptional service. In these situations, a tip of around 20% is a generous gesture and will be happily accepted by your driver.

Is there Uber in Austria?

The ride-sharing service Uber is readily available in Vienna and throughout the rest of Austria.

Uber is a reliable and affordable way of exploring all that Austria has to offer.

Uber is available 24/7 in Austria and holds a high standard of safety. Customers will find comfortable cars with an emphasis on cleanliness and sanitation.

Uber in Austria is popular with both locals and travellers. 

If you have never used Uber before, you can download the Uber app to use on your phone from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store

Do you tip Uber Drivers in Austria?

No, you do not need to tip your Uber driver in Austria.

This is different to the custom of tipping taxi drivers, which is a requirement of customers in Austria.

Tipping your Uber driver is not required in Austria.

Tipping Tour Guides in Austria

Guided tours are available throughout Austria. 

One of the more famous Austrian tours is the Sound of Music tour. This tour takes travellers all around the picturesque World Heritage City of Salzburg. 

On this tour, travellers visit the most famous locations from the Sound of Music movie, including the dramatic landscapes from the opening scenes.

There are also many historical tours operating within the city of Vienna.

On these tours, travellers can visit museums and marvel at the breathtaking Austrian architecture. All the while being taught by an expert tour guide. 

Do you tip Tour Guides in Austria?

Yes, if you decide to take a guided tour in Austria then it is customary to tip 1 to 2 Euros.

If you feel your tour guide delivered an exceptional experience, then a tip of 5 to 6 Euros is a nice way of saying thank you.

You can hand this tip directly to the tour guide, at the end of the tour. 

Tipping at Spas in Austria

Spa and massage services are available throughout Austria.

Spa culture is a big part of the way of life in Austria. A wide range of options are on offer, from relaxing in a romantic thermal pool to enjoying a retreat tailored specifically for families. 

Two highly recommended options in Vienna include the Asian styled Aisawan Boutique Spa and the elegant Sans Souci Spa.

To make the most of the experience be sure to arrive early. A good rule of thumb is 15 to 20 minutes before the start of your appointment.

As with other spa’s it is considered rude to talk loudly, try and keep your volume down to a minimum.

Most spas in Austria provide disposable underwear which must be worn by customers for sanitary reasons. 

Do you tip Massage Therapists in Austria?

Yes, in Austria it is customary to tip your massage therapist 5%.

You can leave your tip at the front reception, usually an envelope will be given to you to put your tip inside.