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Travelling to Australia in 2022 and wondering whether you will need to tip or not?

You have come to the right place.

This is the complete guide to tipping in Australia in 2022. We’ll run you through tip etiquette for Australian hotels, restaurants, bars and more.

Let’s get started!


PICTURE this. You have just finished eating at one of Australia’s many fine cafes and restaurants, the waiter has arrived with the bill, and now a feeling of complete awkwardness ensues. Your eyes dart from the bill to the waiter and back to the bill again. Your mind races and repeats the same questions on loop…

“Hang on, I’m in Australia, do I need to tip the waiter?”.

“But how much should I tip a waiter in Australia?”.

“If I leave a tip, will the amount be considered a cheap insult, or am I actually tipping way too much of my hard-earned travel money?”

The simple fact is that tipping culture varies from country to country. And when you are travelling to far-flung destinations around the globe, keeping up to date with the ins and outs of a particular country’s tip etiquette will definitely be the last thing on your mind!

But worry no more! This complete 2022 guide to tipping in Australia will answer all of your burning questions.

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Around 9 million travellers from around the world head “down under” to Australia every year.

With so much to see and do, whether that be exploring the vast scenic stretches of outback Australia or simply choosing to laze around on the sun-drenched beaches, tourists to “the great southern land” are spoiled for choice.

If you are travelling from a country where everyday tipping or the custom of leaving a gratuity is common practice, then you may be wondering whether you will need to do the same in Australia.

This is your 100% accurate and extensive guide to tipping in Australia. Updated for 2022!

We will cover tipping in restaurants in Australia, tipping in pubs and bars in Australia, tipping in hotels in Australia, tipping taxi and Uber drivers in Australia, tipping tour guides in Australia and tipping massage therapists in Australia.

Tipping at Restaurants in Australia

Australians are known for their laid back, relaxed attitude toward life. This extends to the food service which travellers will experience in Australian restaurants.

Even in upscale fine dining establishments, tourists in Australia can expect a much less rigid experience than they would get in other western countries.

Travellers need to recognise this difference, as this more casual service style should never be mistaken for rudeness or poor service.

Traditionally Australian food has been heavily influenced by English cuisine. However, in recent decades contemporary Australian cuisine has reflected its rising multicultural population, with Asian (Thailand, Vietnam) and Middle Eastern dishes becoming extremely popular.

For the more adventurous, crocodile, emu and kangaroo meat is available to try.

Do you tip at Restaurants in Australia?

❌ Travellers do not need to tip at Australian restaurants ❌

Tipping in Australian restaurants is not standard practice, so don’t worry about leaving a gratuity.

Restaurant staff in Australia are paid good wages, so they do not need to rely upon tips to supplement their income.

If you receive exemplary service, especially at an expensive or exclusive restaurant, then leaving a small tip won’t be frowned upon. Still, this isn’t something that is expected of restaurant patrons in Australia.

One “tip” for travellers in Australia to be aware of is the service charge. On public holidays restaurants sometimes charge this extra amount which is added to the final bill.

Something to keep in mind is not to be offended if you try to leave a tip and it is politely declined. 

Unlike countries like the USA, where leaving a gratuity is a daily custom. Tipping has never been a part of Australian culture and therefore isn’t something that travellers need to worry about.

Do you tip at Pubs and Bars in Australia?

❌ Travellers do not need to tip at Australian Pubs and Bars ❌

Tipping in Australian bars is not standard etiquette, so don’t feel obligated to leave a gratuity.

Just like restaurant staff in Australia, bar staff are paid a good wage and don’t need to rely on tips.

Any loose change is often put into a tip jar on the bar itself. However, contributing to the tip jar is not a requirement.

Do you tip at Hotels in Australia?

❌ Travellers do not need to tip at Australian Hotels ❌

Service staff in Australia enjoy attractive salaries, and as such, tipping is not a part of daily life.

Your hotel porter/bellhop in Australia will not expect a gratuity. This goes for all types of hotels, from budget to expensive.

Your hotel maid will not expect a tip, and neither will the hotel concierge.

Tipping Taxi Drivers in Australia

Taxi and ride-share services are a great way for travellers to move around in Australia.

For many, using public transport in a completely foreign country can be a daunting experience.

And if you are travelling with a large amount of luggage, then it can be an extra hassle on trains and buses.

If you are considering using taxis in Australia, it is a good idea to get up to speed on whether you will need to tip your taxi driver or not.

Do you tip Taxi Drivers in Australia?

❌ Travellers do not need to tip Taxi Drivers in Australia ❌

In Australia, taxi drivers do not expect a tip.

However, it is common practice to let your driver “keep the change”.

An example of this would be handing your taxi driver a $20 note for a $19.80 ride and letting your driver keep the extra 20c instead of asking for your change back.

Is there Uber in Australia?

Yes, Uber is available in Australia and is extremely common and available.

Uber is one of the most convenient transport options available to travellers in Australia. It is a stress-free way to explore and navigate Australia and its major cities, such as  Sydney and Melbourne.

Uber is available in all of Australia’s main cities and throughout the whole country. It operates 24/7 and holds a high standard of safety. You’ll find comfortable cars and bikes with an extra emphasis on cleanliness and sanitation.

Uber in Australia is used by both locals and travellers.

As a frequent world traveller, I like to use ride-share services such as Uber as much as possible.

If you have never used Uber before, you can download the Uber app to use on your phone from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. 

Do you tip Uber Drivers in Australia?

❌ Travellers do not need to tip Uber Drivers in Australia ❌

No, tipping your Uber driver is not necessary in Australia.

In the exact same way that tipping a taxi driver is not required in Australia, travellers also do not need to tip Uber drivers either.

Unlike when taking a taxi in Australia, rounding up your change and giving it to your Uber driver is not something that is regularly done in Australia.

Tipping Tour Guides in Australia

Australia is known for its natural beauty. From the vast desert outback, including Uluru, to world-famous beaches and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s no wonder Australia welcomes over 9 million tourists every year.

Because of this, travellers to Australia are likely to join quite a few guided tours. 

It is important to get up to date on whether you need to tip your tour guide or not.

Do you tip Tour Guides in Australia?

❌ Travellers do not need to tip Tour Guides in Australia ❌

When you are travelling in Australia, you do not have to worry about tipping tour guides.

However, if you feel that your tour guide did an excellent job, feel free to tip him or her a small amount as a way of saying thank you. This, of course, is not a necessity.

Tipping at Spas in Australia

Treating yourself to a relaxing spa treatment in Australia is like anywhere else in the world.

For a smooth spa experience in Australia, be sure to book an appointment beforehand. And arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before your treatment/massage begins.

Do you tip Massage Therapists in Australia?

❌ Travellers do not need to tip Massage Therapists in Australia ❌

Tipping after a relaxing massage is not expected in Australia.

Australian massage therapists make a decent amount of money and do not depend on gratuity.

If you feel that your massage was particularly exceptional, then feel free to leave your therapist a small tip.

However, remember that this is definitely not something that your massage therapist will expect of you.