The 8 Best Cafes in Sydney for Digital Nomads and Remote Working

Bread & Circus, Alexandria

Working away from the office and craving a change of scenery?
We have you covered!

This is your guide to the best WFH friendly Sydney cafes. Laptop-friendly and free WIFI.

The 8 Best Cafes in Sydney for Digital Nomads and Remote Working

SYDNEYSIDERS love nothing more than an indulgent cafe brunch on the weekend.
So why should the working week be any different?

With so many of us working from home it’s only natural, come Thursday, to get a hankering for some smashed avo toast with a double shot of something (anything!?) caffeinated.

Whether you’re working from home, an intrepid globe-trotting digital nomad in Australia or maybe just simply searching for a suitable place to chill with your laptop, we have you sorted.

Here are eight great Sydney cafes offices to get your 9 to 5 on.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, it goes without saying that free WIFI is a prerequisite to make the list.

Let’s jump in.

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Three Williams

Found in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Redfern, Three Williams serves up delicious fare inside its impressive 285 square metres.

Featuring minimalist, but sophisticated design, this large yet surprisingly cosy cafe boasts ample space to house and feed the entirety of Sydneys freelance workforce.

Plenty of power points, zippy WIFI and a tasty menu featuring highlights such as a mouth-watering pea and avocado smash.

A great cafe office solution for digital nomads and freelancers alike.

613A Elizabeth Street, Redfern


Scrumptious all-day breakfast items, tick.
Sun-drenched outdoor seating, tick.
Famously strong coffee, tick.

It’s no wonder Kawa, situated on Crown Street in Surry Hills, is a popular haunt for freelancers and digital nomads in Sydney.

Apart from the famous all-day breakfast, menu highlights include eggs royale, ploughman’s lunch and Kawas famous chicken ball sandwich.

348 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Joe & The Juice

In Barangaroo and searching for the perfect place to chow down and get your work on?

Look no further than Joe & The Juice.

Lightning-fast WIFI and (as you may have guessed from the name) delicious juice make this a great remote work option for freelancers looking for a cafe office in the exciting new development hub of Barangaroo

Joe & The Juice also have a second location in the heart of the CBD itself, complete with a meeting room that is available to hire. Handy!

Addresses for both locations are below.

400 Barangaroo Avenue and 139 Pitt Street, Sydney

Bread & Circus

A staple amongst the local inner-west populous, this grammable’ cafe in Alexandria is an ideal laptop-friendly locale.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this place is simply all colourful fruit & flora display style with no actual substance.

Bread & Circus flaunts an ever-evolving menu. And boy do they deliver! Hearty soups, fresh punchy salads, truly epic sandwiches, sweet treats and an endless stream of strong coffees.

The long wooden tables ensure you won’t ever feel guilty for nabbing your own solo spot and setting up shop.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more perfect location in Alexandria to get your creative juices flowing.

21 Fountain Street, Alexandria


Set in a super spacious converted warehouse in Marrickville, Roastville is the ideal remote work location for those who need a bit more space to stretch out.

Big laptop-friendly tables, incredible coffee (as the name suggests) and a delectable all-day menu packed with items such as brussel sprout bruschetta (tastes so good it could convert even the most iron-willed brussel sprout hater) and fried chicken benedict (yum!)

As far as ideal remote work environments go, this one is a winner.

157 Victoria Rd, Marrickville

Orto Trading Co.

Orto is Italian for ‘vegetable garden’, and this Surry Hills gem set amongst a rustic setting sure delivers on that front.

Orto Trading Co. flaunts a moreish menu with special consideration given to delivering dishes with a ‘fresh produce’ mentality in mind.

The aforementioned rustic digs include sun-drenched outdoor seating, ensuring you receive enough Vitamin D to get those creative cogs turning.

With lap-top friendly tables and fast WIFI, Orto Trading Co. is the perfect location to simultaneously catch some sunshine while sipping on a latte.

You can find Orto Trading Co. at the address below.

38 Waterloo St, Surry Hills

Rising Sun Workshop

Did somebody say Ramen?

Rising Sun Workshop (situated a stone’s throw away from King St, Newtown) combines motorbikes, delectable bakery goods, punchy coffee and incredible ramen to fuel the hungriest of remote workers.

Equal parts motorcycle workshop and bustling cafe, this Newtown find is dripping with style. With plenty of space to stretch out on the long wooden benches, this happening inner-west locale is the ultimate cafe office for those who may be missing a taste of Japan.

Here’s a hint: the brekkie ramen is to die for…

But don’t just take our word for it, kickstart your remote work motor at the address below.

1C Whateley St, Newtown

The Fine Food Store

Hidden away in one of Sydney’s oldest and most historic lanes, The Fine Food Store is the perfect remote workspace for when you find yourself in The Rocks area of Sydney.

Perch yourself at the window and get down to business while munching on menu highlights such as the avocado bagel or pulled brisket croissant.

And guess what? They also serve booze for those among us who may be requiring a little end of the week debauchery/stress release.

With a blisteringly fast WIFI speed to round it out, The Fine Food Store ticks all the right boxes for getting a load of (slightly inebriated/tipsy) remote work completed.

Shop 9, The Rocks Centre, The Rocks


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